MamaBaba yoga retreats offer a sacred space for mamas and their kids.


It provides a safe, guided and supportive female environment in which mamas can connect with themselves, their children and other mamas to rekindle their zen and balance and feel empowered to pursue their desired path.


MamaBaba yoga holidays and retreats are a chance to step out of your everyday life and restore, relax and transform through yoga practice, pampering treatments, nourishing food and immersion in nature while enjoying the company of your mini you.


Travel with your child to a beautiful place with ease and support

Recharge with daily yoga practice, pampering treatments and immersion in nature

Enjoy delicious seasonal meals and try some local wines

Let go and have some fun at our pasta making class and our special dinners out

Meet like-minded women, share similar experiences and be inspired

MamaBaba farmhouse

Yoga retreat for mums & kids schedule 2019


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