I spent over 15 years working in high-pressured advertising jobs in cities like Sāo Paulo, Paris and London. I fell in the industry a bit accidentally because I have always been interested in people's motivations and in this case, the psychology behind consumer behaviour. 


My real passion however has always been in well-being, doing things that make you feel good and helping others feel good too. 


I recently moved from London to Italy following the birth of my baby daughter. The lifestyle I am able to lead here with her is something that I know a lot os mamas could hugely benefit from.



MamaBaba is a combination of things I hold close to my heart and above all the opportunity to share the perks of Italian life with other mamas.


I want to create a sacred space where mamas can relax, be pampered and recharge from their hectic lifestyles.  I also want them to have fun and experience the best of Italian dolce vita - wonderful food, fantastic aperitivos, fun activities all coordinated by exceptional professionals who will make them and their babas feel special.


I believe that when women support each other incredible things happen. 


Having a child is the most beautiful thing in the world, but it can also be lonely, difficult and tiring. Mamas will have a chance to share their experiences and realise that other women feel the same way. And then hopefully, they will come out feeling different, and perhaps stronger and wonderful things will happen!

Please feel free to write with any questions, we will happily answer any queries you may have.

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MamaBaba Retreat


Strada Provinciale 29, 4, Rivoli Veronese 37010


Tel: +393421499039


email: info@mamababa.it