What meals are included in the mum and baby yoga retreat and what are they like?

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are included. Mums also have their mid-morning smoothies and there is unlimited herbal teas and mineral water, as well as fruit and snacks all day. We use fresh, local, organic, seasonal ingredients to prepare nutritious and tasty meals - after all you are in Italy! Toddlers eat what mama eats, whereas babies have a special tailored menu, following the Mediterranean diet including vegetables, fruit, whole grains and proteins (animal and vegetable) often pureed or grated. If you or your child have any allergies or intolerances you can tell us so we cater to your needs.


For breakfast we provide fresh, local cow's milk, soya milk and any other desired milks (almond, rice, lactose free), but we don't have any formula. You are welcome to bring the formula milk that your baby is used to, as well as any snacks and use the fully equipped kitchen in your room to feed him if preferable. Other than milk we usually serve fresh bread (different types including whole grain), porridge, yogurts, fresh fruit, seeds and nuts, avocado when available, homemade cakes and jams, freshly squeezed orange juice, Italian coffee and different types of teas.


Our lunch menus include a starter, main and dessert all vegetarian (does include fish) and very varied so you get to try many local, seasonal specialities. An example menu would be lettuce leaf with salad of red turnips, walnuts and gorgonzola flakes as a starter, whole wheat penne with vegetable ragout and cauliflower cream as a main, followed by carrot and chocolate cake as a dessert.

What are the rooms like in the yoga vacation packages and what amenities do they include?

They are more like apartments and mostly on the ground floor, which is great as no dangerous stairs around. They are quite spacious, around 35-45m2. They all have fully equipped kitchens with fridges so you can store formula or breast milk. Most of them have their own terraces so you can choose to have some of your meals there if you wish, or simply sit back with a glass of wine when your child is asleep. You also have hairdryers and Wifi.

What will the weather be like?

The average temperatures on Lake Garda in April/May/June and September/October are around 22-28 degrees Celsius. Perfect for yoga and babies. Nights can be cooler especially in April and October, so bring sweaters, wraps and warm pyjamas, as well as some socks or slippers/flip flops for walking around inside.

What should I pack?

It really depends on the time of the year you come, but do remember you are in the countryside so some comfy clothes and shoes for you and some rough and tumble clothes for your child to play in. In addition, if you have a lot of cute summer outfits for your children that don’t get much wear, this is the place to bring them. You may want to dress up a little on the nights we will take you out for dinner, so plan an outfit or two accordingly. If you are coming in the warmer months, bring a bathing suit for you and your child. We would also recommend bringing some strong sun cream and mosquito spray. If you are coming in the cooler months, bring some warm clothes for layering.

Can I drink wine on the family yoga retreat?

Even though this is a yoga retreat, you are in Italy in a farmhouse on a vineyard that makes its own wine, as well as in the vicinity of Valpolicella that produces some world-renowned wines. So by all means yes! You are in the country of aperitivos and it would be an absolute waste not to sit back with a glass of yummy wine at sunset to finish a perfect day! Alcohol is not included in the retreat price; that said we give you a bottle of the farmhouse’s wine as part of our welcome gift and you can purchase additional wine at our onsite store.

Is the farmhouse safe?

Yes, very safe, both in terms of the space that is basically flat everywhere so perfect for babies who are starting to crawl and walk, and in terms of location; you are in a tranquil fenced property in the vineyards out of harm’s way. You may want to bring along a baby monitor for evenings when you sit out with other mums.

Can I share a room?

Generally, we wouldn’t recommend sharing a room unless you want to do it with a very close friend or sister, mum or grandmother with one child. However, two mums sharing a room with two babies or toddlers on different schedules can be stressful, even if you are really close friends. Also, you will feel squashed in the room which beats the purpose of relaxation and pampering.

How do we get there from the airport?

The airport is about a 20-minute drive away. You can either get a taxi just outside (the airport is very small and manageable) or ask us to organize a pick-up service for you. The cost is the same for both, around 60 euros, only with the pick-up service you can share with other mums, as they are usually comfy air con vans that fit 8 people.


The other option is to rent a car which can be fun if you want to do some exploring of Lake Garda, Valpolicella, Verona and other places during your free time. If you’re renting a car, you can hire a child seat with the rental company or bring your own. Not all taxis have infant/child car seats.


Should you want to explore the surroundings but not to rent a car, we can organize a car service for you with the same company we use for airport transfers (we have been using them forever and they are very professional and trustworthy, and usually speak English and German, as well as Italian).

Should I bring toys and books for my child?

The childminders will have many fun activities planned for the children following the Montessori method and aside from that we will provide some basic toys and books. Your child will also be surrounded by nature and therefore many stimuli to engage with, as well as other children to play with. But by all means if your child has a favourite toy or fluffy animal please bring it along.

What about cots and high-chairs?

Airlines generally allow you to bring two items for baby, usually a car seat and pushchair. You can either bring your own travel cot and check it in, or share the bed with your child or we can provide a cot at a small extra expense that will be added to your quote, please let us know what you prefer. We do not provide bed sheets for the baby cot so please remember to pack them. As for the high-chairs there will be plenty available for the children to use.

Do the treatments take place at the yoga holiday location?

Yes the treatments take place in the farmhouse and you can choose between a full body massage (relaxation, water retention etc.) or a facial, as well as mani and pedicures. We will use a special natural Italian brand Alchimia Natura which is super safe for pregnant women, mums and children. On top of that our massage therapist is known to have guru powers; as soon as she touches your body, she can tell you how you feel, what you need and where and why you may be experiencing aches and pains!

The treatment is included in the retreat price and will usually last for 75 minutes. Childcare is provided so you can fully enjoy it. Should you want an extra

treatment we can arrange it for an additional cost.

Is the yoga just for the mums?

Yes, as the main objective is for mums to relax, heal and reboot. That said, sometimes we may organize separate yoga lessons for the older kids.

What type of yoga is it and at what level?

It is usually a soft post-natal yoga so you do not need to be an advanced yogi to practice. You can also practice if you are pregnant with some modifications. There will be some meditation too usually at the beginning and/or end of class. Prior to coming on the yoga retreat, we will ask you about any injuries or if you are pregnant so we can cater to your needs.

I’ve been practicing for years; will I get bored?

You will always get something out of the yoga or meditation, especially if you do it daily for a week. Our teachers are of a very high standard and will give you

the personal attention you need.

Should I bring my own yoga mat?

We provide mats, but if you like to use your own please bring this along.

How old should my baby be to come to the child friendly yoga retreat?

From 6 months to 6 years. Most mums come with kids aged from about 6 months to 4 years.

Should I bring nappies?

We suggest you bring some nappies for the first couple of days (remember it’s the weekend) and then you can buy additional nappies in the nearby convenience store

or we can fetch them for you.

What will childcare be like?

The usual child to childcare ratio is 2:1 for small babies and 3:1 for toddlers, therefore if you have a group of 10 babies there will be 5 childminders and if you have 10 toddlers there will be 3 childminders, which is very comfortable compared to many nurseries. Also, childcare will be tailored to the group of children at every retreat. So if there are babies, there will be babysitters capable of looking after their basic needs, playing with them or taking them for a walk in their prams in the vineyards. For toddlers they will be more like nursery school teachers, who will engage in more structured Montessori activities. They will be bilingual, especially in the case of toddlers.


Should you prefer your child to have his own dedicated babysitter for the duration of the retreat, we can organize that with advance notice and for an additional price.

How much childcare will you provide?

Childcare will be provided from Monday-Friday for 4 hours in the mornings from 9h30-13h30, as well as during a treatment, and 4 hours in the evenings you go out for dinner (Tuesday and Thursday) from 18h30-22h30.


Should you want extra childcare, please let us know in advance so we can organize it and send you an estimate for approval.